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About ACE & Our History


Since 1990, ACE has been introducing and growing the supermarket-based food service kiosk concept with our on-site, fresh sushi and delicious Asian cuisine items. We offer fresh, high-quality sushi by our specially-trained chefs in convenient grab-and-go packages. Over the years this concept along with our footprint has expanded across the globe to over 1000 diverse locations.

Our ultimate goal is to understand, meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations. We are working earnestly to bring our healthy and easy-to-serve products to every corner of the United States and beyond. Our tens of thousands of loyal customers throughout the years have been the driving force behind us to continue our quest to achieve this goal.

The Future

In order to continually better serve our customers, ACE is regularly introducing new items to the market.  We recently launched a whole new product line including many new authentic, yet mainstream Asian entrees including ramen, donburi (rice) bowls, and dim sum products. Because of ever-changing consumer tastes and needs and our forward-thinking approach, we also address specific needs including Kosher, gluten-free, and vegetarian.  Allow us to provide restaurant quality cuisine to you!  

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Sushi 101

Sushi has been a traditional Japanese cuisine for hundreds of years. It is usually characterized as uniquely refined, artistically decorated, and yet at the same time subtle. In its simplest form, sushi is vinegared rice topped with various delicious ingredients. Sushi can be prepared with either white or brown rice and can include fresh vegetables and seafood. It is then wrapped in toasted seaweed and often served with pickled ginger, wasabi (Japanese horseradish), and soy sauce.

There are several kinds of sushi:

  • Maki – “Rolled Sushi” consists of sushi rice and vegetables or seafood; can be wrapped in either seaweed, soy paper, or cucumber.
  • Nigiri – “Hand-Pressed Sushi” consists of a hand-formed rice ball typically with a salmon, tuna, or other seafood topping.
  • Inari – “Carrying Rice” consists of a tofu pouch filled with sushi rice; can be topped with salmon, tuna, or other seafood.
  • Temaki – “Hand Roll” consists of a cone-shaped seaweed exterior filled with vegetables, salmon, tuna, or other seafood.

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