ACE Sushi - About Us

ACE's vision is to offer fresh, high quality sushi, made in local supermarkets by our trained chefs, at low prices, everyday in convenient "to-go" packages.

With the hundreds of stores ACE currently operates across the U.S., we are able to purchase large quantities of ingredients directly from the Japanese manufacturers and suppliers, so that we can make best products available at the lowest price possible.

ACE contines to introduce many exciting Asian cuisines to the general American public in convenient, easy to serve form. (One example is our most recently introduced line of easy-serving microwave-ready Chinese dimsum products: potsticks, shumais, springrolls, and gyozas.)

Our company's ultimate goal is to understand, meet and exceed our customers' needs and expectations. We are working earnestly to bring our healthy and easy to serve products to every corner of the United States and beyond.

Our tens of thousands of loyal customers throughout the years have been the driving force behind us to continue our quest to achieve this goal.

We currently operate approximately 600+ outlets in major and local super markets across the U.S. in 38 states. Our operation is now from coast to coast across the continent. Among our major supermarket clients are: A&P, AJ, Albertsons, Aurora Health Care, Food Pantry, Fruit Center, Giant Foods, Giant Carlisle, Grand Foods, Huckleberry, Kroger, Lowes, Martins, Pick n Save, Piggly Wiggle, Rainbow Markets, Rosaures, Scolaris, Sendiks, Smiths, Spencers, Stop N Shop, Super Fresh, Sentry & Weis Markets.

Our ACE Sushi programs includes the following services:
Set up in store sushi bar units in supermarkets
Provide ACE trained sushi chefs to operate and to make fresh sushi daily in stores with different varieties and selections of sushi products, colorfully arranged and packaged in convenient ready to go products.
We supply all materials, food supplies, and related labor costs
Our insurance policy provides general liability coverage with our products

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